Big push to get Surrey screamer to win Birtley £50k

The latest word is that Davey Surrey's left-footed drive is currently leading the Budweiser Dream Goal contest and could win the club a £50,000 Budweiser club futures grant, or one of five £10,000 runners-up grants.

The club would appreciate it if the north-east football community could rally around and get voting for the goal.

Let's show the rest of the country just how tight-knit our football scene is and get another North-East side a major national win.

The community rallied around Blyth Town to help the South Newsham side win a major Budweiser grant a couple of seasons ago and it would be great if we could help do the same for Birtley Saint Joes.

You can vote for Davey's strike here, just by clicking on the star under the video.

Registering just takes a couple of minutes, but the cash could make a lifetime of difference to one of our clubs.